The musicians

Musicians and singers are very interesting to take picture of. Spectacular and artistic, they may pose for you or just do their job on the stage, doesn’t matter. These people are so impressive any time. If I need to take photos in a short distance, I ask’em before shooting if it’s OK to walk among […]

old car city

Old Car City

This place’ name is The Old Car City and it’s pretty strange place. Actually it is not City but simply a forest. I could say it is a museum of old crashed cars but it wouldn’t be correct too. You can touch these vehicles, open a door or even seat down in/on it. There are […]

Beautiful Mom and her son

Sometimes it’s not easy to choose the theme of a photosession. This time I could concentrate myself on making photos of a cute young boy, his beautiful Mom (separately) or make nice family pictures. Take a look on the results and you’ll understand what I am talking about.

Love Pink

  Some girls love pink. Actually I don’t mean a brand, just a color. Pink color blondes prefer though if you are brunette or even ginger girl, it’s up to you 😉 Here are some photos, take a look.


Tattooed girls

Some people like tattoos, but not everyone.  Some likes the tattoo but don’t want to have any on their bodies. Some tattoos look great, other sucks. Here are some photos of girls who got it and seems to me they like it. I like to make photos with beautiful tattooed girls. If you have interesting […]

Black & White

How to get a black-and-white photo? First of all learn to see in black-and white! Not every picture looks good in monochrome. (Though not everyone is good in colour!) A lot of people (some photographers as well) simply use a plagin which helps to get it with a single click. It works if you do […]

St. Augustine

Photo session in St. Augustine, Fl

St. Augustine, Florida, officially is the first city within the borders of the USA.  It was founded on September 8, 1565. Now it is a popular travel destination. Here I made a photo session with a girl named Maya.